Financial aid at ASU

ASU is committed to offering you a top quality education that provides the most value for your investment and prepares you for a lifetime of success.

Step 1. Learn ways to pay for college.
Step 2. Apply for aid. (Federal School Code is 001081)
Step 3. Understand your aid and your bill.
Step 4. Monitor important dates.

For those concerned about the cost of education, the following resources are meant to assist you in your search for funding.

Where do I start?

ASU has many financial aid options. Financial aid support is available in the form of scholarships, grants, federal work-study, loans and outside resources. Almost everyone, regardless of income, can qualify for some form of financial aid. In fact, 76 percent of all ASU students receive some form of financial assistance every year. 

The best place to start in your search for funding is to apply for Financial Aid via the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Students who are U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the U.S. government.  International students are encourage to check for similar opportunities within their home country.

What’s the FAFSA?

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a form that evaluates how much money you can afford to pay towards your college education. The FAFSA asks for information that can be found on your (and/or your family’s) tax return for the previous year. Every student should complete a FAFSA each year. Your information from the FAFSA is then sent to ASU where it is determined how much grant and loan funding you are eligible to receive. Make sure to indicate ASU on your FAFSA!  (Note: GRANTS are monies given to you that you do not need to pay back, whereas LOANS are monies that you need to pay back.)

What about scholarships?

ASU offers a number of different scholarships, the largest group of which are the scholarships offered through the New American University Scholarship and Financial Assistance program. To be a New American University Scholar means more than assistance with financing your education, it includes a unique opportunity to begin making a difference while you earn your degree. Learn more about this program at

There are other scholarships at ASU with more specific criteria, and with varying deadlines and application requirements. The best way to find relevant scholarships is to use the scholarship search.

The Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions offers an Undergraduate Research program that includes a scholarship. Please click here for more information. For graduate level students, make sure to check the ASU Graduate College website for a listing of scholarships and fellowships.

College scholarships:
Victoria Foundation-Celtic Property Management scholarship

    The Schools within the College offer scholarships specifically for students majoring in their programs.  Please check the following opportunities based on your chosen major:

    Where else can I find money?

    Besides scholarships and financial aid, there are other ways to find money for school:

    • Many places of employment offer tuition benefits to their employees. Check with your place of employment to see if tuition benefits are offered and its requirements.
    • Many places of employment also offer scholarships to family members of its employees. Again, check with your family member’s employer to see if such opportunities exist.
    • Also check out our collection of Funding Opportunities.
    • ASU has part-time job opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. These jobs are ideal as many are on-campus (and/or off-campus) and can often accommodate the abnormal schedule of a student. Student job opportunities can be found at the ASU Student Employment website. Job opportunities geared only to graduate level students can be found at the ASU Graduate College website.
    • For general questions, please use the ASU Financial Aid website as a resource. This also shows how fellow ASU students are able to afford their education.

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