One of the biggest challenges our student face is finding the money to pay for their college experience. It can feel daunting but with a little bit of thinking and a little bit of hard work, you can totally make your college dreams a reality. 

Searching for scholarships is all based on you and how you want to do it. There is no wrong or right way.  There is also no single person who can be a matchmaker between you and scholarships. So you must be your own matchmaker.  They keys are creativity, an open mind, and kinetic energy.

ASU/School Scholarships:

Applications available for university and school scholarships are generally available at the beginning of each calendar year for each academic year.  So from January throughout April you should be applying for several scholarships a week.  Start with your school.  Ask your advisor or the office staff of your school if applications are ready. Then move ahead to the university’s scholarship search portal:

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships often are easier to attain because you’re not competing with your classmates. The smaller the pool of average applicants the more chances you have to receive money.  Also consider small scholarships first over large.  A few $500 scholarships add up pretty quickly.  If you think it’s worth the energy to go through the hoops to apply for a $10,000 national scholarship, be my guest.  I’m happy if you apply for any scholarship. 

The biggest takeaway with scholarships is to apply at a variety of places and apply often. You won't get a scholarship by thinking about applying, it can only ever become yours if you do it. Commiting a regular time in your schedule to scholarship applications is a great way to ensure you keep putting out applications.

Scholarships truly are a great way to help you pay for college and if you commit to the application process, they can help make your future a little brighter.

For more information or more help planning your scholarship application approach, please email: