Let’s get the ball rolling on 2018-2019!  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FASFSA as we know it is available to complete for next school year! Here are some things to consider before starting yours. The early bird gets the worm. Well, in this case, the bird gets the opportunity. The FAFSA available October 1 will be available to complete and submit. ASU holds a priority date of January 1, New Year's Day. The new dates provide students with an additional month. Based on my experience, on average students who submit their FAFSA by January 1 receive about $1,000 more in additional aid. Although it is not a guarantee, it is worth a try.

FASFSA is available online or via paper. We Sun Devils understand sustainability. Get online and fill one out. Doing so saves time and prevents any errors. You can also link your FAFSA to the IRS’s data system to fill out the income questions. The IRS Data Retrieval Tool, which automatically fills out the form with the correct information. If you and/or your folks submitted taxes back in April, you are ready to go! You and/or your folks will need your FSA ID handy to sign the application electronically. Either electronic or written signature is acceptable, but I do recommend for both you and your guardians to do the same method. Don’t have a computer? Don’t fret? Contact me for assistance.  

Regardless if you think you or your folks earn too much to qualify for aid, you should still submit a FAFSA. Student loans and other non-published scholarships often require a student have a FAFSA on file to be considered. Federal loans are more borrower-friendly than private loans, so it may be worth a shot if you need additional money to pay for school. Remember that your FAFSA is based off the 2016 calendar year. If you had a change in your income; report that immediately to the financial aid office.  So if you won a small fortune in the lottery, or your parents had to take out some of their retirement money, or even if you were working last year, but you now are unemployed, you could be missing out. 

Consider me your college concierge and allow me to help find solutions to your challenges. We also have a superb team in the financial aid office to guide you and answer any related questions.

Together we can find solutions you are seeking. If you think you got most of it handled, but interested in learning more, please attend the Truth Financial Forum which is part of our Seeking Solutions initiative taking place on Tuesday, October 31, 2017. The truth is out there and we can help uncover it.  We’ve invited experts from financial aid, scholarships, and other related fields, to be part of a panel group to answer questions and give advice to students. Solutions are out there that address many of our life’s woes.  Allow us to assist you in the discovery. 

Seeking the Truth Financial Forum
October 31, 2017
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Concho Room, Westward Ho



Douglas Capitan, Scholarship Coordinator
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