Get involved

Watts College of Public Service students participate in a range of student organizations that make a significant impact in the university community and beyond. Student organizations are a wonderful way to get involved on-campus, connect with like-minded peers, and start making a difference.

ASU students can join any student organization at any of the four campuses by using the ASU Student Organizations website. Click here to search directly for student clubs and organizations.

Interested in volunteering? Check out this guide with tips and resources for volunteers

Public Service College Council

The Public Service College Council exists to engage, serve, and transform the student body through coordinating faculty, student organizations, and students themselves to expand the opportunities and resources provided to the student body.

The College Council  invites all students and student organizations to partake in our meetings, which take place every other Friday at noon in UCENT 580A. These meetings are a chance for student organizations to connect with other students, faculty members, and council members to further enhance their programs and events.

Academic Bowl

The Academic Bowl pits teams from ASU’s colleges and schools against each other in lightning-fast question-and-answer rounds. Questions cover every topic- from world politics and pop culture, to history and geography, to world literature- and put your comprehensive skills to the test. If you have a passion for learning, possess a wide range of knowledge about various (possibly obscure) topics, and can quickly hit a buzzer, consider joining our team! Opportunities for scholarships for the winning teams and team swag.

If interested, please fill out this form:

Dean's Cup

The Dean’s Cup is a fun competition that promotes the spirit of the Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions. Public service is about building community and giving something back, but it is also about having fun with friends!

The Dean's Cup is a year long program with each team consisting of 3-4 undergraduate students. All students must be enrolled in the Watts College of Public Service at the time of registration.

Participants will have the opportunity to win prizes throughout the year. The grand prize will include trophies for the winning team and their names displayed on the Dean’s Cup, which is housed in the University Center building. Also, a $1,000 donation will be made to a charity of the winning team’s choice.

All Dean’s Cup updates will be made through the Facebook page: or through our mailing list: email

** Students can sign up as individuals to be placed on a team, or sign up as a team. Registration closes September 10th, so be sure to submit your team name through email or the Facebook page by then.

**Teams have until Nov.1st to declare a non-profit agency and post their agency on the Facebook page. Students are welcome to post pictures of their team's volunteer efforts.

how to participate

Students participating in the Dean’s Cup are expected to work with their team in each of these activities:

1) adopt an agency

Select a local non-profit organization and, as a team, commit to volunteering with this agency in whatever ways they need. (Hours will be averaged among the team members.)

2) schedule event attendance

Events will be communicated through the Facebook page, email, Residential College Student Leaders, and posters around campus. Teams will receive points based on the number of participants at each event.

3) academic performance

The combined GPA of the group will be considered in the final scores (average of all members of the team).

4) spirit, pride, tradition

Students (as a team) need to attend at least one S.P.T. event during each semester which will be communicated via the Facebook Page.